Hot Press Redesign

March 7, 2008

Following on from yesterday’s post about the new State music magazine just a few thoughts on Hot Press’ redesign.

First of all I must say that I had a quick look at the Hot Press Annual and Q magazine but immediately put down both since it was like looking at a badly designed webpage where you are being assaulted on all sides.

As for Hot Press itself- it has physically changed to an A4-ish size which is easier to hold but the paper is still too glossy for my liking.   Unfortunately on the inside I really can’t tell much of a difference straight off…it is still far too ‘busy’ in that a lot of the pages have a sidebar with little pictures and the ads can look quite similar so it takes a second to actually tell one from another.  There are also too many little boxed off areas with added bits of info that can be distracting and one thing that I certainly don’t like is that some articles are actually framed by advertising.  Content wise it appears to have all the sections that it use to…since I am not a regular reader I could be wrong though.  It appears to have a little bit of everything for everybody including some T&A stuff which seems to be more titillating than useful.  There a couple of great writers for the magazine and to be honest that would be the only reason I would buy it. 

Since Hot Press is published fortnightly and State monthly there will be some people buying both….however if I were chose one I would be buying State for its layout, clarity and overall better feel.


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