Dead Air

March 14, 2008

Was awake before the alarm this morning and just as well- when it was time for it to go off there was a very strange sound….absolute silence!  I raised the volume and still nothing…I then changed the radio station which I haven’t done in over a year and the other stations were on-air but absolutely nothing from Phantom! 

I know that they should have on some programming before 7 although I had never listened at that hour before.  Some music did come on at just before 7 but then there were tracks playing over each other and it seemed like somebody had put a cat on the desk.  At this stage I thought that Pete had been run down on the way into work- from what I here he cycles into work which in Dublin can be a bit dodgy.  About quarter past though Pete finally came on so he was alive and well but I had to get moving so never did find out what the story was there. 

The reason I was up early was to go over a few things for the driving test.  This is a saga worthy of a Gogol story- bleak humour and incompetent public servants!  I passed my first drivers test years ago but it was restricted to automatics so had to redo it for manual cars- I won’t go into all the details but suffice it to say that nothing had gone right up to today.  Thankfully the ending is better than Gogol’s would be and there were no administrative hiccups so I could do the test and passed it.  As the examiner said- it was really just a formality for me but thankfully it is one behind me.


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