The IFI and I

March 15, 2008

I love the whole concept of the Irish Film Institute but unfortunately we don’t get along.  Even without the cinema it’s a great place to hang out…you do have to put up with the occasional Tosh who will know the third camera mans name on a film and can relate the whole cinematographic history of the films the best boy has been in but there is always a good buzz about the place.

Unfortunately the IFI and I disagree on two major points:

The Schedule- I need to plan my cinema around my hectic life….unfortunately here you need to plan you life around the cinema.  Some films are shown only on certain days so I would have to be free in the first place in order to even think of going…and then once I know that I am free that day I would need to take a half day from work since they are too early- and the evening ones are too late.   Even when I take off time there is no guarantee- I went down on the last day of The Diving Bell and The Butterfly and wouldn’t you know there was a sign on the door saying that it was sold out.

The Seating- the last few times I have been there I have been so tightly squeezed into the seat that my legs have fallen asleep…very very embarrassing when you have to stand up 5 mins before you move since you cannot feel your legs. On a date this is not a good thing! I had a chat with somebody that worked with the Irish Film Board and he noticed how tight the seating was as well- he is only about 5’4″ though where I am 6’4″.

Thankfully Cineworld shows a good selection of independent, Irish and foreign films so I can catch most of them up there. They may only last a couple of weeks there but they have a full schedule each and every day for those weeks and I can usually manage to catch them. However for the ones that I miss, I have been having to turn to DVD’s in order to see them which is a shame since they were meant to be seen on the big screen.


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