MGMT- Oracular Spectacular

March 20, 2008

Have been listening to MGMT‘s debut album off and on for the last couple of weeks and only listened to it fully on the way home this evening. At the moment there is a bit of buzz about these guys and I can understand why…saying that I think that the album itself is solid but not spectacular. There are a couple of great tracks; Kids and Time To Pretend but the rest just don’t have the weight to make this an album that I would listen to more than a few times. I do think that they have some promise and hopefully they will fulfil it in the second album.

They have been getting some great coverage by touring with Of Montreal in the States so hopefully they will learn a few things off of them- saw Of Montreal last year and it was really a great gig. From the reaction that I have heard from a few people, MGMT are hot stuff here and the band were actually surprised that their gig in the Academy was sold out. MGMT must have been impressed anyway since they put up a fans YouTube for Kids up on their MySpace page- not the best quality unfortunately. Their next gig with CSS is already sold out as well- would have liked to been at that one but more for CSS since I keep on managing to miss them when they are in town.

There are a couple of good YouTubes though for the two songs mentioned above. The one for Kids is not actually an official one but a tribute for a class project- very well done and fits into the bands vibe perfectly (Thanks Derek for spotting that one!). The video for Time To Pretend seems to be the only offical one they have done at present.


Time To Pretend



  1. Tickets for this gig say SOLD OUT on the ticketmaster website but you can purchase tickets on mtv.co.uk

    🙂 I almost bought some but then realised I had a WAY too busy week to go!

  2. Alas even that is sold out now:-(
    Although they have only changed the final page to say it and not the one with the listings!

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