Electric Picnic 2008 Lineup due out Wednesday March 26- 6pm!

March 21, 2008

[UPDATE- Click HERE for the post on the Lineup so far or HERE for the press release from the EP site.

The EP site itself isn’t the most user friendly at first glance but just wait a few seconds for the fit-inducing colours to fade and then you will see an area on the top left, second row down where you can click and it will bring up the lineup so far with the acts highlighted as to stature.]

As nicked from here.


Had a look at the Ticketmaster site and tickets will go on sale Friday the 28th at 9:00 am.

Curious that it is giving a range of prices from €96 to €240- that would usually indicate day tickets but it explicity states that there are no day ticketes. Suppose we will find out next week for certain!

The Electric Picnic site now states that it will be 6pm on the 26th March.

[EDIT after RP’s comment!]

Ticketmaster also have a seperate entry for the Campervan ticket and is priced at €60.



  1. i’ve a feeling those cheaper tickets are for the campervan things they line up every year… you need the camper ticket and your own personal ticket!

    hi btw! 🙂

  2. Hiya RP!! You’re still alive after HotChip:-)
    Nope the campervan ticket had a seperate link which I have edited above. The €96 is probably for a tray of beer;-) Thankfully 3 bottles of vodka do me for the weekend!

  3. Hi, I’m still waiting to see the stupid bloody line up! What gives??x

  4. Hi Rachel- only logged in now myself and it seems to be up:-) Not exactly the most user friendly site but if you hover the mouse over all those dreadful flashing lights you will see an area up at the top left 2nd row down to click on and the acts will be there!

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