Goldfrapp- Seventh Tree

March 26, 2008

Goldfrapp has been great over the years for her electro-pop and the new album really is a change of pace compared to her older material.  While there are subtle tones of the electronics this is a stripped down and acoustic Alison Goldfrapp– which is great to hear since she really has a voice that is sweet and powerful at the same time that has the depth to carry the album. 

A&E is the single that has been out for a while and is one of the standout tracks along with Eat Yourself.  Some of the others that I thought were quite good were Little Bird, Monster Love and Road To Somewhere- solid songs with simple melodies that stay in the head.  Overall a very good album and one that I will be listening to for the next while.  Official site is here but no streaming from there.


Eat Yourself


  1. Hey you know what? I keep hearing about how great Goldfrapp is, but I’ve only ever heard one of their songs on late night radio.

    If I was going to go out and buy one of their CDs, which is the best to start with do you reckon?

  2. Hiya K8!
    To use a musical answer…Lets start at the very beginning…a very good place to start…ohhh shouldn’t have thought of that since it is going to be in the head for a while now!! Depends on your tastes but think her first album Felt Mountain would be the best- not too electric and more ambient than her second two which have that ‘dance’ tag. If you like to boogie then second and third might be better! Had a quick flick in town and best price is HMV which have all three in their 2 for 15 section…and if you want to round that off they also had Roisin Murphy’s excellent Overpowered album in that section as well:-)

  3. Nice answer!! Felt Mountain it is. Got your email too- seriously can’t wait for this broadband lark so I can start messing around with the freebies. Roisin Murphy? Hmmmm.. I’ll keep an I out! Ta for the advice.

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