Yu Ming Is Ainm Dom (My Name Is Yu Ming)

March 28, 2008

Had a listen to the Kiosk last week and they had a spot on about Des Bishop learning Irish.  It’s not something that I would consider since I already have Russian and French that I don’t use and only sporadically use American…and yes it could be classed as a different language on occasion!

Anyway, it reminded me of the excellent short film Yu Ming Is Ainm Dom which in English is ‘My name is Yu Ming’.  It’s a story of a Chinese man that decides to come to Ireland and learn the Irish language before coming over…only to find that everybody speaks English and nobody can understand him! 

There is a YouTube of it but it really is abysmal quality so head over to Atom Films to watch it.  There are some  really great short films on Atom so expect some other posts from there!


  1. I’ve got this on an old Jameson Film Festival DVD. Really great short! Thanks for reminding me, must fish it out.

  2. Hey Sinead:-)
    A lot of great shorts out there….have actually seen quite a few at the Electric Picnic cinema tent…great one last year was The Wednesdays.

  3. Hey Sinead 🙂 i hope you will get this message 🙂 do you know other titles from this old Jameson Film Festival DVD ? if you do please let me know 🙂 i am trying to find one of this shorts..this french one about ‘love’. i’ll be happy to see it again.

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