Efterklang- Button Factory March 08

March 31, 2008


What a great gig- I really love their tunes and seeing them live was brilliant! 

The night didn’t start off well since I had a migraine- but thankfully it hadn’t hit the head yet so was great to be able to get out since I had been looking forward to this for a while.  Had to cram-listen to some of their music on the way into town though so I could remember some of the names of the songs- with all the new music I have been listening to recently I haven’t had them on in a while. 

Before the gig started I noticed a couple of things about the stage setup which always bodes well- there were lots of instruments and even better there were a set of drums by the lead singer with a set of bashed and ripped cymbals and a strange looking silver hoop in the back.  I love when musicians have different objects just for the unusual sounds they produce! 

There was no support band but two members of Efterklang did a small set to open up-  Anna by herself on the keyboard for a couple of tracks and then joined by Peter on the violin for a couple more.  Really good way to open up since they were nice and relaxing tunes.  Anna said that it felt like she was swaying on the stage since they had come over on the ferry and was still swaying with the big waves- with that sort of music you would be swaying anyway so it was all good!

When the band came on I didn’t remember there being so many- 7 guys on stage and Anna on the keyboard.  They started off with the excellent Illuminant and then Swarming which is still one of my favourites and then Monopolist…I think- he only started saying the song titles after that and with some of the tunes sounding a bit similar I couldn’t quite remember!   In between some of the tracks there was some great chats with the audience that showed that there was great camaraderie with the band- the lead singer Casper Clausen was talking effusively about Anna and how glad he was that she was there and there was quite a humorous touching moment  when he was welcoming Peter back back into the fold since he had missed the last two shows…evidently the UK immigration wouldn’t let Peter into the country so he could only meet up with the band in Dublin.

Next was Caravan, Chapter 6 and then followed by the excellent duet Freida Found A Friend- Anna’s and Casper’s voices certainly compliment each other very well.  The crowd had a small surge with the next one- Mirador which is seems to be the popular one off of their last album- cracking track so was good to have the audience bopping along.  A new track Mirror Mirror then followed and at the end it had the best audience participation I have ever seen- they wanted us to clap along and be creative with the hand clapping so there were different beats all over the place and with all of the band and the first few rows clapping it was quite enjoyable to watch!

Then was Cutting Ice To Snow which has a lovely quiet moment…in which the drummer unfortunately ripped off some tape and totally took Casper off his rhythm so a brief round of applause for the drummer and his unexpected contribution.   They finished with Collecting Shields and then the excellent Step Aside as the encore which was a perfect song to end with. 

I have a feeling that I am actually missing a song in there near the end- with tunes that are so deliciously long, I get into the vibe it is always hard to tell!  Overall it was an excellent gig though and I hope to catch them again soon.

As an aside- there are a few free downloads over at their official site and at the moment on their MySpace page there is a free download for their new song Mirror Mirror Live.


  1. Yeah, was another terrific gig. It didn’t quite have the magic as the last one in Whelan’s – possibly because I had seen them recently enough but it also felt a bit less theatrical than the previous one. But still fantastic. Thanks for the tip about the Mirror Mirror download too!

  2. Was expecting a bit more on the theatrical side from what you had said about Whelans- some good pictures of that one here: http://www.thisredbook.com/efterblog.html

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