Miracle Fortress- Five Roses

April 2, 2008

Miracle Fortress

I first came across Miracle Fortress over at Nialler9 and fell for them straight away- then again any sort of high register nearly-falsetto voice has me hooked straight away as it did with Loney, Dear and Findo Gask.  Very good album with some excellent tracks-  the only complaint is that there are a few tracks that are a bit too close to the cloying sunshine vibe of the Beach Boys.  Graham Van Pelt has an excellent voice and there are quite a few great tracks like Little Trees and Blasphemy that have a grea vibe.  The standout ones though were Have You Seen In Your Dreams and Hold Your Secrets To Your Heart- full of sweet goodness that puts a smile on your face!

Had a look at their label as well,  Secret City Records, since you can often find other good groups and lo and behold I came across the Go! Team…again!  They are signed with Secret City in Canada and Sub Pop In the US- so will probably come across them again in yet another country- they are worth the listen though so check them out!

Have You Seen In Your Dreams

Hold Your Secrets To Your Heart– just music


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  1. […] Miracle Fortress played Babylon on July 25, 2008. It was a short set because the lead singer has another band playing which were Think About Life. It was a great show. I enjoyed it […]

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