The Raveonettes- Lust Lust Lust

April 2, 2008

The Raveonettes

Yet another Danish Band I have fallen for the sound of….on the complete opposite end of the scale of Efterklang but this  Danish duo are excellent.  Full of scuzzy guitars and some excellent distortion that is attention grabbing surf rock.  Aly, Walk With Me is a great track to start and probably the catchiest one on the album- Dead Sound and Blitzed are also standout tracks and Sad Transmission is quite good as well.  I know that Blitzed sounds familiar so it is probably being used for some ad out there but thankfully I don’t remember which one so their ad dollars are wasted on me!  Alas, I cannot find many YouTubes of the tracks that I like but I did find a Raveonettes Channel in which they discuss each of the tracks on Lust Lust Lust and their thoughts about them.

I also came across a great review of the album at The Stool Pigeon and a good post on another Irish music blog See What You Hear.  They will be in the Village on April 10th…same day as Holy Fuck which is going to divide some people- still don’t have a minder as it is a Thursday gig so am not torn…yet!

Ally Walk With Me– in Seattle

Aly, Walk With Me– official

and one from their first album Whip It On

Attack Of The Ghost Riders


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