Tunng- Good Arrows

April 4, 2008

I came across Tunng a while back and somehow forgot to go back to them- it was only when I was looking at some of the favourites in YouTube that I noticed them again and have been listening to them every day since. I was compelled to get the latest album Good Arrows and thankfully was able to find it in town- albeit not the version with the extra two tracks. This is a fantastic album and the first four tracks are excellent toe tapping folktronica. Take, Bricks, Hands and above all the brilliant Bullets are very well put together- Arms and Cans further in the album also have a great buzz. All of the tracks have a great harmony with the different voices and the analog-electric backing loops and sounds just add to them to make this a great sound. Some of they lyrics can be funny…in a dark way…so listen out for the bloody bits!

I did listen to some of their previous work and I think that Good Arrows has a more cohesive sound- more vocals and less experimentation which just make them utterly compelling. You can go to their official site and get some tracks from their Download/Audio section and you can also get a few things from their label Full Time Hobby (under Media).

I also came across a brilliant set of theirs in a record shop called Amoeba in California. Amoeba actually have a few shops and they do live shows in each- the quality of some is quite good and you get some good shots of the band. The guy who edited the Tunng’s set certainly had a liking for Becky Jacobs since she is on screen the majority of time- not a bad thing I must say. You can also see some of the toys that they use for the sounds…they aren’t just mixed in as I had thought!

There are a few good videos on YouTube for their tunes- Bullets below and Jenny Again from a previous album. There are also a couple of good remixes that I will put below.


Jenny Again





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