The Jimmy Cake- Spectre & Crown

April 11, 2008

Well the album is finally out! Went to The Jimmy Cake gig in Whelans last December and they were quite superb so have been waiting since then. The album has quite a few recognizable tracks from the gig and it is great head space music- it takes up residence and makes itself at home.

The music is all instrumental which with 9 members and a plethora of instruments makes for lovely listening- most of the tracks start off very subtly and then build and build to quite a nice crescendo that really is just a pleasure to listen to. Jetta’s Palace, The Day The Arms That Came Out Of The Wall, Haunted Candle and Hugs For Buddy have the great vibe that I remember even if the power isn’t quite at the same intensity. Red Tony and the Art of Wrecking are also some great subtle tracks that are very relaxing…maybe a little too relaxing after a long week of work but very well done.

While I really enjoyed this album I do think it is a bit restrained from what actually perform live- it just felt that they were holding back and when I remember them live they were giving it their all.  Great chance to see them on the 18th of April in The Button Factory.

There are no YouTubes of their current work but I wanted to put up another picture anyway of their cool album cover…and the artwork on the cd is quite good as well. Over at their official site you can have a closer look at the artwork and download some of the older tracks while you are admiring it!


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