The Ting Tings/ Cap Pas Cap- The Village April 2008

April 15, 2008

Knew it was going to be a bit of a guilty pleasure for this gig- one group that I have been wanting to catch live for a while and another for the few great pop songs that they have- and it certainly was!

The night started off good with DJ Trev Radiator…but I would say that since he played Atlas by Battles at the end of his set.

Cap Pas Cap came on and I must say that I was impressed from the word go- the driving drum beat of L.I.E.S. grabs your attention and it was a great song to start with!  It has been a while since I listened to their EP but I think they played all the songs from that plus a couple of tunes I hadn’t heard before. (You can listen to some samples of their songs here).  Noticed that Katie from The Ting Tings actually peeked her head around the curtain for a while during the set which I think is always a good sign.  They really do have a great sound and I would expect them to be headlining some of the smaller venues shortly- hopefully they will be releasing an album soon as well so I can get my fix!

The Village was quite packed by the time The Ting Tings came on- it is great to have a crowd that is enthusiastic about a band…even if the hype machine has been in motion for this one.   Unfortunately the sound guys must have used this as an indicator to crank the sound up to about twice what it had been- The Ting Tings make a lot of noise by themselves so was very loud indeed.

They came on to some great cheers and launched into Great DJ straight away and quickly followed by The Fruit Machine…both cracking tracks that show the power behind those songs.  For those that don’t know  there are only two members of the group- Katie on guitar/bass drum and main vocals with Jules on drums for the most part but also  guitar and vocals.  There also seemed to be a third ‘Wizard of Oz’ member behind the curtain on the decks but with all the pedal work that Katie and Jules do I suppose they would need that.

Katie  then sang a  slow  song  which was quite nice actually- it really showed that she has a good voice and that its not just her jumping around the stage screaming into the mic all the time.  There were a few other songs then but I cant remember the names and since they haven’t released their album just yet there is no way to check.

Then came That’s Not My Name which I think everybody was waiting on since the place erupted…I must admit I really do like this song so was bopping along with the crowd!  Great the way the pedals are used to loop the drums and Katie’s vocals so at the end it is just a great big brilliant cacophony on stage!  They did come back for an encore as well…another good song but again can’t find out the name.   Altogether I think they played about 8 songs…I could be wrong since I have heard as less as 6 from other people.

It was a short set but I do think it was a good gig- not brilliant but good- while I love some of the songs I do find that others are a little bit lacking and I think that the two person set-up is a bit limiting on occasion.  I am not sure if this will be a problem with their second album since it may be difficult to expand their work- for the moment though I am going to sit back and enjoy their first one when it comes out!



  1. I found you again, Tenacious T. I need to add you to my reader! I guess I can come to you for all of my music reviews! 🙂

  2. Hey Rambling:-)
    Aye the blog surfer is great- keep up to date with you and Kspin that way…and Google Reader is brilliant for the non WordPress ones…although finding the time to get to them all is the problem!

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