Homo Mobilis

April 17, 2008

There is a great special report in the Economist this week about mobility and wireless communication- particularly in the article Homo Mobilis which talks about how language is changing as a result.

Friends know of my dislike of mobiles and text speak- I see the phone as a necessity but ultimately a tool and not an accessory. I dislike talking with them since half the conversation can be lost and for texting I use the internet site more often than not. It even took a few years to come around to the idea of using smilieys so somehow I don’t think I will be twittering any time soon!

I was always of the opinion that it is much better to say what you want to say over a cup of coffee and actually talk to a person face to face and possibly gaze in their eyes…but I am thinking of somebody in particular right now so the gazing matters!


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