Scouting- 100 Years

April 24, 2008

Ok- will out myself now and say that I was a scout…an Eagle Scout but more importantly to me I have the Vigil Honour in the Order of the Arrow– it’s not something that can be earned but is bestowed upon you by your peers.  You are even given a name based on the Lenni-Lenape language that hopefully reflects on your personality- mine is Amangi Wisit Achgekeytum or Bigfooted Teacher which is pretty accurate!

Anyway- the point of this post was to highlight that there is an exhibit on in Museum of Decorative Arts and History in Collins Barracks to celebrate scouting’s centenary year in Ireland and runs until September 2008. Strangely they have a banner up on the quays but there is no information on their website– you can find information here though.


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