There Will Be Blood

April 26, 2008

There Will Be Blood

Of course it was hard not to hear any hype about this film with it being nominated and winning some Oscars- it did live up to it but only just and when I think back to No Country For Old Men which had the same Oscar buzz I think that was a much better film and one I would watch again over this.

The film does start off stupendously with Daniel Day Lewis as Plainview and his actions at the well and no dialogue or music really adds to the intensity.  There is some great camera work in these scenes as well- focusing on different characters and moving the focus back to the main ones.

The story itself is quite good if on the sprawling side- to be expected over such a long length of time but there are certain elements that could have been edited to improve the focus of the story.  It is violent to a certain extent but some of the violence is what would have been expected back then…life in the west was a bit precarious so even the murders aren’t too surprising.

Lewis always inhabits his characters and he is excellent here from beginning to end.  The supporting acting from Dillon Freasier as his son HG is just superb and Paul Dano as Eli Sunday is quite good as well.  I do feel that parts of Lewis and Dano’s characters are over-acted but I put this down to the script and directing and not to their ability.

Overall I did like this film but I think it may have been a bit lengthy…there are some scenes that seem dragged out and yet near the end there is a jump of however many years which leaves quite a few unanswered questions.  The final thought I had after seeing this is that there is just something missing that leaves the film slightly in-cohesive.


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