Joanna Newsom

April 27, 2008

Came across Joanna Newsom when I was looking up Tunng on a BBC website- she had a set on BBC as well and her elf look caught my attention. Then I heard her play and between the harp and her voice I was mesmerized-similar voice to Julia Stone and Olivia from The Do who I have been listening to over the last few months. There is just something about those voices that resonates with me and I am just captivated.

She doesn’t have a MySpace site and her official site is lacking on details so I don’t know if she is touring at the moment. There is an official video of one of her songs on YouTube along with a good interview.

The Sprout and the Bean




  1. Try http://www.fromamouth.com/milkymoon/ (the best of the Joanna fan-sites) for more general information, and http://www.billions.com/ (her booking agency) for info specifically about upcoming gigs. If you don’t see her name listed at billions, it means that she has nothing scheduled for now. You can also get more information as it happens by using google alerts…that’s how I found you. There so much more of her to hear and see than the little that you found on BBC! 🙂

  2. Cool- thanks for that! Some other great artists on Billions as well.

  3. […] last lecture is on the harp and of course that brought Joanna Newsom to […]

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