The Accidental- There Were Wolves

April 28, 2008

Have been waiting for debut album from The Accidental since I first heard the single Wolves and my goodness is it a great one. A supergroup of sorts (see the blurb below) with some extremely catchy songs. This is an album made for the hifi- the mp3’s just do not do justice to the sublime background sounds and the harmonies of the group- absolutely fabulous on the stereo since you can pick up every little detail that the compression of mp3 looses. If you can, pick up a copy of the cd with the bonus tracks since Battlesea is quite good and a bit more electronic than the others.

The standout tracks for me at the moment:

Knock Knock


Jaw of a Whale

Illuminated Red



You can stream all of their songs in full at LastFm or they have some up on MySpace. The only tour dates they have at the moment are festivals in the UK but hopefully they will come across the sea for Electric Picnic.

The blurb:

Take the man behind The Memory Band and co-founder of Trunk Records (Stephen Cracknell), the twisted songwriter from Tunng main man (Sam Genders), one half of Fence Collective duo The Bicycle Thieves (Hannah Caughlin) and singer-songwriter Liam Bailey. Put them in front of a PC and add occasional input from guests including harpist Serafina Steer, Lisa Knapp, and various members of the Elysian Quartet and The Memory Band.The outcome is new collective The Accidental and their beguiling debut single Wolves, out through Full Time Hobby on the 31st March. This will be swiftly followed by their first album There Were Wolves on the 14th April.


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