April 30, 2008

Home from Gemma Hayes last night to find I have been tagged by Becs of her UnbearablyLightness!!

So describe myself in six words- probably not the best to do this in the morning since there is only one thing on my mind but…

Needs coffee and chocolate to survive.

Both are an essential start to the morning which isn’t exactly the healthiest…am trying to get rid of the two Snickers and the massive cup of coffee but it’s proving difficult!

So tagging these people now…trying not to duplicate since some of the people I would have tagged have already been done in the last round…

Aoife Yeah I know you just got memed as well…you shouldn’t have said it was fun;-)

Derek (Tie in to the Phantom show) Dont want to sully your pages so you can leave a comment here if you want!



Luncheon Roll

Rapture Ponies

Apologies if you are ‘Down with this sort of thing!’



  1. Excellent! Funnily enough I’m finding that everyone I’ve tagged are supplying words that describe me too!

    I was also at her highness Ms. Hayes last night. She rocked…the crowd was very lacklustre though I thought, no great vibe. I was expecting the worship to be a bit more manic!

  2. Oh. My. God. Two snickers bars with coffee for breakfast, must have you bouncing. Wicked, but delicious. Try switching to Peanut Butter and Jam on toast, I know where you can get Smuckers Goober, I could fix you up!

  3. What was Gemma Hayes like? Didn’t go in the end, as work commitments gave me the choice of seeing either her or Dirty Projectors tonight! So, please say it was muck!

  4. @Becs- Ha! I was thinking the same thing! Saw Sinead’s and that fits me to a T as well as yours….I love learning about new things but then I bloody well procrastinate about following things through! So have planned to go back and do a Masters, an acting course and a jewellery design course…hmmmm and yet haven’t quite booked anything…
    Agree with you on Gemma- rocking but not the best vibe.
    She is so damn sweet though…which makes her faux pas about the nuts even funnier!

    @Sarah- I wish it had me bouncing…it only just tips me into the normal zone! Yeah you don’t want to be around me the mornings without them…withdrawal is a bitch;-)
    Haven’t heard of Smuckers in years…use to love Peter Pan peanut butter and Smuckers jam on toast back home- all melting sweetness! Alas have a wheat intolerance now (amongst many others!) so none of that for me and I think the Goober would have some extra chemicals so wouldn’t chance it! I love dipping Dairy Milk bars into a jar of peanut butter though and that is pretty damn good!

    @Longman- Gemma gig was good but not the best vibe as Becs said – great voice and she was rocking with her older tunes but newer ones a bit too soft and the crowd was talking over those songs so they weren’t particularly interested. So don’t think you would have minded missing this one but hopefully she will have another one in Dublin soon!

  5. I got really lucky – I was upstairs on the balcony for the gig and the vibe up there was supercool and though you could kinda hear the crowd downstairs talking, you didn’t notice it enough for it to bother.

    I loved watching her, and Joe Chester – OMG – legend! I thought Gemma was BRILLIANT last night. Fantastic set list and her voice was flawless. I had a great time. I think I’ll try get balcony seats for every gig I go to in Tripod from now on – it was fantastic.

  6. wow, just six words huh? 🙂 I’ll have to get back to you on mine!

    I think 2 candy bars right before or after my morning run would make me seriously ill! lol!

  7. […] friend Tim tagged me for what seemed to be an easy meme, but little does he know the difficulty this request […]

  8. @Sinéad- never been to the balcony in Tripod since I am tall enough to see over everybody down below! Sounds like it was a different gig up there so I might think of that for some of the quieter acts…did you see she is going to have an acoustic set in Whelans later in May?!

    @Kspin- aye the thoughts of Snickers bouncing up and down on your run doesn’t sound the best! Just as well I can’t run anymore with the old injuries flaring up;-)

  9. sorry to hear that about not being able to run. I need it as much as you need chocolate! 🙂 Thanks for the tag, it’s up now after I procrastinated a whole day first! have a good weekend!

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