Gemma Hayes- Tripod Gig 29th April 2008

May 2, 2008

This isn’t going to be the most comprehensive post as it has been a while since I have listened to Gemma Hayes…and I can’t find her last two albums at home to refresh the memory which means I put them somewhere ‘safe’…arggghhhh.

The evening started off with Ann Scott who I heard on MySpace a while ago so I recognized the name- a very good voice and some good tunes. Some of the songs with just her and guitar can be a bit too passive but when she had her machine running they livened up and I think it was Mountain that really stood out.

Gemma then came on and when she started her first song The Roads’ Don’t Love You I was in for a very pleasant shock…I have always thought she had a great voice but at times it wasn’t very confident. Well her voice now is as strong as I have ever heard which is quite excellent for all of her old tunes which seem to have had some new life breathed into them. One thing that hasn’t changed though is that she is as sweet as ever…dead cute although she does have that LA look to her now.

So since it has been a while I can’t remember all of the tracks but lots of old favourites from the first two albums and quite a few new ones. The Roads Don’t Love You was followed by The Back of My Hand…and then a new song In Over My Head- in there as well was Happy, Sad , Tear In My Side and new ones Out of Our Hands and Home. Yes she has a thing for body parts which she told the audience…which makes her little faux pas later on in the show even funnier.

After quite a few songs she was chatting with the audience and she was relating the fact that she had some nuts just before she came out and was asking if we knew that feeling of having nuts in our mouths. In LA that probably wouldn’t have brought a smile since they would be thinking peanuts…of course she is back home now and she caught herself just a few seconds too late and the cry of ‘Oh Man’ said it all and you could nearly sense the blush!

She had a fair bit of rocking in the set as well with Joe Chester and Karl Odlum (didn’t catch the drummers name!) and they had a great jam with Hanging Around and Let A Good Thing Go…the smile on Gemma’s face during those was great to see- its always a good sign when the artist is having fun on stage and it definitely reflects in the performance.

She had a good story around one of her brand new songs which I missed the name of…she still has her Tipp accent and even after so long in this country I still need a translator on occasion. Very funny story about what she did to a fellow student when she was 9 but I have to admit I liked the story better than the song. Quite a few of the new songs are just a bit too quiet for my liking…they might be slow burners but only time will tell.

Overall it was a great gig but there was a fair bit of chatter downstairs which ruined the vibe (as Becs noticed as well). However Sinéad was up the balcony and said it was a different vibe up there altogether so that might be the place for the quieter artists in future!

Some good news though is that she is going to play an acoustic set in Whelans on Sunday the 25th of May…that is certainly one to be at !

Just a YouTube to remind you of the rocking Gemma

Let A Good Thing Go



  1. Nice review Tim. Joe Chester certainly rocked his socks off, I hadn’t really paid much attention to him until the Hayes gig – I simply MUST catch him solo.

  2. Thanks for that man. As sure as death and taxes, you can always rely on a female singer to innocently drop an innuendo-laden remark into her conversation with a room full of men with a few beers in them!

    Going to see The Boss on the 25th, but its only a matter of time before I see her. Would actually like to hear the new album beforehand anyway. Thinks its out soon enough though.

  3. @Sinead- Joe Chester certainly did rock…thought he was going to take out a few amps with him at one stage! Had only heard the name before myself to will have to catch him solo as well!

    @Longman- yeah if Gemma wasn’t so sweet I would have thought it was on purpose! Her new album is out now and Road Records have it for 13.99 for a bit.

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