May 2, 2008

One of the colleagues in work mentioned Spoon to me the other day- I remember the name of the group and when I went YouTubing I came across the song I Turn My Camera Off which is one that I remember (yeah lots of womens legs makes that one to remember!) With the new job, it’s great that there is somebody in work that I can talk to about music…it nearly drowns out all the football talk behind me!

Had a listen then to their newer album Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga which, while named strangely has some absolute crackers on it. Don’t Make Me A Target, You Got Yr Cherry Bomb, Don’t You Evah, and the very funky The Underdog. Above all though is the phenomenal The Ghost Of You Lingers- a simple song musically but one that will stay in the head for a long time!

If you head over to their official site you can stream some of their songs from all of their albums.

The Ghost Of You Lingers

I Turn My Camera On



  1. I freakin’ love Spoon. You’ve probably not seen Stranger Than Fiction, because if you had, you would definitely have ran out and got the soundtrack which heavily features Spoooooooooon. Ga Ga… is a wonderful album too, but the Stranger Than Fiction OST tunes are brilliant.

  2. Yeah I did see Stranger than Fiction but to be honest I think seeing Maggie Gyllenhaal obliterated the other senses;-) Will check out the OST now though!

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