We Should Be Dead Poll And Update

May 3, 2008

We Should Be Dead have a poll up to see which song they should release as their next single so head on over here and have your say!

In other WSBD news details of their MySpace bulletin:


Good morning earthlings,

The WE SHOULD BE DEAD online superstore is now open on our myspace page. If you scroll down the mainpage you will see lots of goodies for sale over on the left hand side. We’ve got copies of our album, our first single, our black and blue tshirts (in most sizes), and our 4 badge pack. The prices include shipping to anywhere in the world. From The Galvone to Shoulderblade, Kentucky.


In 11 hours and 15 minutes time we will be hosting our own “ALL AGES EXTRAVAGANZA” as part of the Dolans D10 Festival weekend. Doors open at 12 noon and tickets are 8 EURO. We will be joined by the cooelst band in the country ‘OH MY GOD IT MIGHT BE HIM’ and some of the finest rock n roll bands in the city, including ‘The Demise’ ’40 Foot Woman’ and ‘Les Enfants Terribles’.

Everyone is welcome.


As we are idiots, we can’t seem to decide on what our 3rd single should be. Being bigger idiots we’ve set up a poll on our myspace to see what song rocks your world! In a nutshell we need you to vote for the next single. You’ll see the poll on the left hand side of the mainpage.

For those of you who don’t have the album and are only familiar with the songs that are up on our myspace page, you can preview all of them over here:

http://www. amazon. com/Forget-Romance-Lets-Dance-Explicit/dp/B0012QLXW0/ref=pd_bbs_sr_3?ie=UTF8&s=dmusic&qid=1209772549&sr=8-3

Do take the 10 seconds it will take to vote. We’re curious creatures.


Starting on Monday we will have PART 1 of out 10 PART series entitled ‘100 DEAD FACTS’. Each week will list 10 things you probably didn’t know about our little rock n roll combo. We will be posting 10 facts a week for 10 weeks. So that will be 100 interesting things for you to ponder on. Quiet week…………..you could say that……


Don’t forget to come down to the D10 Festival tomorrow night. We’re on stage at 7:15pm. You will also get to see The Zutons, Delerentos, Fred, and Headgear.

Party in the tent, pure daycent!!


Keep it pop,

The Dead



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