In Bruges

May 8, 2008

In Bruges

One of the posts that didn’t save and has been a few weeks since I have seen it so not quite as detailed.

Directed by Martin McDonagh who did the excellent short Six Shooter and has a fair stab at his first full length feature.

Starts with the two main characters Brendan Gleeson and Colin Farrell and is dialogue driven which is done well with Gleeson more in the role than Farrell.  Sometimes Farrell’s acting varies between a man who is a bundle of nerves to a jaded yuppy type figure.  The dialogue can be very snappy but sometimes it is just too forced and it doesn’t always hit the mark.

The story is well done and there are some good moments: the touring around Bruges, the moments between Farrell and new girlfriend, and the midget/dwarf and the hookers to name a few.

It is Ralph Fiennes character though who really makes this film- even the scenes where he is only talking are the more memorable.   The phone call with Gleeson and Fiennes is excellent and of course when they are finally face to face on screen in the square and tower near the end.

The main supporting cast is good but some of the others are only memorable for the fact that they actually distract from the film to a certain extent.

There is some great cinematography but most is fairly average…one of the best scenes was when Fiennes character is going onto the movie set at the end of the film- great angles and lighting.

Overal it was a good film but only that- it was fairly uneven and although there were  moments where everything gelled into quite a nice whole, they were only moments.


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