Dan le Sac vs Scroobious Pip- Button Factory Gig 8/5/08

May 9, 2008

In the Button Factory again…it’s becoming a regular haunt for me these days and quickly becoming my favourite spot- good size and great sound.

Messiah J and the Expert were on first and it is the first time I had seen them live. I only knew one or two of their songs and to be honest I don’t particularly like rap and think that the music is fairly limiting. However he did have three tunes which I quite liked: Megaphone, Abandon Ship and Go Jane Go which were fairly catchy and had some dance beats mixed in there to give it that extra bounce. The rest were standard rap fare and were fairly similar to other stuff out there.

Dan le Sac vs Scroobius Pip

First let me say that this was the first time that I had heard them sober- I had seen them at Electric Picnic and at a very late show in Crawdaddy so on both occasions there was plenty of vodka in the blood. Sometimes with this sort of music having a good buzz is helpful since the dance beats are bloody good. While the place wasn’t packed it was busy and as Scroobius acknowledged it says a lot for a group whose album hasn’t even come out yet. The crowd knew most of the tunes as well which is always a good sign….although there was still some chatter during the slower songs. The set list was more or less the same as Crawdaddy- with only one albums worth of songs it’s hard to change it around too much.

As usual I am not 100% on the order of songs but they were all there- they started off with the rather infectious The Beat That My Heart Skipped and moved on to a rather dark song about suicide. Then the sit down for the Tommy Cooper song and then the rather good Spoken Word Poetry which is just what it says- no music but good timbre and cadence really make this a song. He did have a quiet set piece then with some other props on stage and he put up a sign at the end of the song with a website that of course I cannot remember but am trying to find. Then was Angles (My Name Is Bob…) which is a song that starts off slow enough and builds to a nice crescendo. Of course it wouldn’t be one of their gigs without Though Shalt Always Kill which is another of their favourites that the audience knew which was followed by Hip Hop is Art before running off stage. Between all of the songs there was continuous interaction with the audience from Scroobius which really creates a good atmosphere and adds to the experience.

I don’t know all the proper titles of the songs since I haven’t gotten my hands on the cd yet which is released today in Ireland (thought they would have had some at the gig!) so some of them will be different than I mentioned…and I know I have forgotten some since I think there only have the 10 tunes and they played them all. For the encore they played Nite Klub from The Specials which they did a good job on…but I preferred the way they did the Prince song Cream in Crawdaddy.

Overall it was a good gig and I think that the venue and sound were the best yet but overall it was missing that frentic energy they had at the gig in Crawdaddy. Maybe it was because I was sober and it was midweek but the buzz just didn’t seem to be there- they were running off to play a DJ set at Crawdaddy after the Button Factory so maybe they were saving some of the energy for that…sometimes it sucks having a 9-5 job!

So I think that is enough of Dan le Sac vs Scroobius Pip live for the time being- I will look forward to the cd and their new work over the next year though- besides Dans excellent beats what I do love is the intelligent writing of Scroobius- there are a few groups out there that I wouldn’t particularly listen to the lyrics but with these, they deserve to be noticed.

On the way down to the coatroom I recognized Shane from his Phantom pic so said a quick hello- good to put faces to other bloggers! Also saw Aoife again so another quick hello there…think I will be running into quite a few people over the next week with the number of groups that are playing!



  1. Hey Tim – good to bump into you at the gig! I agree with you about the crawdaddy gig being just that bit better energy wise. Apart from the lack of booze and mid week factor, I think it might have to do with the fact that they played the same set pretty much. They might be a bit bored of the material themselves! Still, it was highly enjoyable. I’m looking forward to hearing the album myself. See you soon no doubt!

  2. Hey Aoife- hope to get into Road this week for the album. No doubt I will see you again at some stage…Yeasayer, The National and Battles all to come…and Halves of course!!

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