Lars And The Real Girl

May 9, 2008

Lars And The Real Girl

An indie film with all the elements- great story, cast, and acting that really makes this superior to most films released this year.

While the story might look ludicrous on paper it is so deftly handeled that it never dips into the tawdry and is rather heartwarming- so while a sex doll is a main character it is the community and human emotion that shine through.

I really cannot give enough praise for the cast and the acting- Ryan Gosling as the main character really embodies his role and is so believable that his pain is nearly palpable. Patricia Clarkson is quite good as well and Emily Mortimer is very good as the sister in law who is trying her best to get Goslings character to interact with the world again- she does a good job at the American accent although I wish she had the English one for the film since I love her voice so much.

There is a lot of humour in this film as you may imagine and sometimes it is difficult not to actually laugh out loud. There are some serious issues here but they are dealt with in a unique and imaginative way. Gosling really does an outstanding job at showing the inner struggle and it is great the way the story plays out with the family history. The way the community takes him in and trys to support him while at the same time trying to ween him off it by dealing with the doll as a real person is really the main key to the story- nowaday’s it is great to see the community taking an active roll instead of sweeping the problem aside and treating it with medication.

Parts of the story are predictable and you can see how it is going to end but it’s the journey that counts here- and a great journey it is. The smiles at the end of the film say it all and will leave a smile on your face as well.



  1. Yeah. The opening half of the film was very good, with great moments. It did get a little OTT at one stage, but they managed the ending with a fair degree of elegance.

    As you say, it is an interesting cautionary tale about how things may look on the surface can be deceiving.

  2. Hey Longman.
    Yeah thought the hospital and dying sequence were OTT but thought that the funeral kind of fit in- I cannot think of any community actually doing that though!

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