So Many Gigs, So Little Time

May 12, 2008

Will be quiet here for a while…might be able to get a couple of posts up but over the next week I will be out every night- mostly at gigs so I will not have the time to get stuff up here as well!

Just a quick note about the last two…

Dark Room Notes– intimate gig in the Button Factory- lots of new tunes and some pretty damn good ones they are. Still like Lets Light Fires and really looking forward to an album from them soon. Good support acts as well.

Iron and Wine– actually had company for this one- a Wonderful Woman who I unexpectedly met on Friday (friend of a friend of the mates as post below) so the mind was on more than just the gig. Some favourites though: Jezebel, Woman King, Boy With A Coin and the lovely Innocent Bones. Some excellent rocking tunes as well and the arrangement was spectacular. Overall: beautiful, sublime and just excellent to be in their company…that goes for WW and Iron and Wine!



  1. How was Yeasayer? Half regretting not going now. LOVED I&W on Sunday – National on Thursday for me, then BSS, oh joys…

  2. Hey Catherine- Yeasayer is only on tonight so still time to go if you can and looks like tickets still available! Otherwise will let you know tomorrow:-) Looking forward to The National and Broken Social Scene as well…and the few in-between of course!

  3. The Yeasayer gig was so so good!! Really bloody brilliant live!
    Looking forward to The National tonight but really cant wait for Battles tomorrow night!

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