Battles- Vicar St Gig Times

May 15, 2008

For anybody going to Vicar St here are the times the groups will be on….approximate of course and looks like I will be on the Nightlink…will be worth it!

From Toutless:

Mod note: Info from promoter
Limited tickets will be available from the box office from 18:15. (no indication if these are standing or balcony though -Toast)

19.00 DOORS
19.45 – 20.45 CHROME HOOF
20.45 – 21.00 CHANGEOVER
21.00 – 21.45 RED NECK MANIFESTO
21.45 – 22.15 CHANGEOVER
22.15 – 23.30 BATTLES



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  2. Thanks a shed load for that dude! I was planning on turning up a bit late because of work, but DO NOT want to miss CH play! Thought they would be on second…

    23:30… ouch! Feeling the pain a bit now! 🙂

  3. No probs Longman- were you able to catch CH? Only got up there in time for Redneck…already had pre gig plans and thought CH would be on second as well!
    Yeah ouch for the time…12 by the time I got out then went to Whelans…bed by 3 and up at 7!

  4. I did thanks to you and the LUAS! A bit slow starting off (sound was a little wonky and the crowd were just starting to get oiled), but the second half-hour was great.

    Not meant as a plug, but I will be writing a “very excited” review about them later!

  5. Ugh… nitelink… *shudder* Not a happy place to be at 2am.

  6. Ha- yeah not the best but its the only way I can afford all these gigs! Gig week thankfully over!

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