Quick One on The National…

May 15, 2008

Bit disappointed…all the elements were there for a great gig but it was only a good gig with the occasional great moment…and indeed only one brilliant one with Squalor Victoria. Sound for the guitars seemed far too loud , the drums muted, and loud again for the horns and occasional strings. Berningers voice sometimes lost in the cacophony but he does have a great voice which still shone through. So all the elements there but just not done to their best.



  1. Rats. That’s the second iffy thing I’ve read about last night’s gig… going tonight, here’s hoping they sort it out!

  2. Hey Catherine- There was a great vibe at the gig so still worth looking forward to! Hopefully they will get the right balance of sound for tonight- Berninger went over to the sound guys quite a few times last night so after two nights they should get it right on the third:-)

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