Quick one on Battles…

May 16, 2008

Bloody. Brilliant. Gig.

I wasn’t sure if they could live up to their Tripod gig last year but they bloody well did.

Thats not to say that everything was shiny bright and new- its always hard to live up to the first time that you see one of your favourite groups live-especially when the first time was the Tripod gig that was so damn good.  I think it was probably the exact same set list as last time and I think that some tunes were actually better in Tripod- but conversely some were better in Vicar St.  Thought that some of the earlier tunes were just a little by rote but by the end they were really stormin and as always John Stanier was a damn joy to watch. This is the type of gig where it is great being a tall bastard and for once not the nice-gig-guy who stays in the back- was bang in the middle and I am sure there was more than one person cursing me.

Went onto Club Phantasm with the mate Derek & Co afterwards…bring on the caffeine!! Do they have a dialysis machine that you can use with coffee??


  1. Le head is le sick!

  2. Haha- I wonder how that happened?;-) Am afraid to ask what time you got home at…if at all!

  3. by the end they were really stormin

    I think that’s it – the hattrick of songs prior to the encores were what made the night.

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