Quick one on Broken Social Scene…

May 21, 2008

Last of the Quick Ones- frantic gig week finally over so might get some time to put up proper posts from now on!

Broken Social Scene

What a brilliant gig! I wasn’t that familiar with all of their music so not too sure what to expect- wow would be an understatement- these guys are simply astounding musicians! It was like reading the Lord of The Rings Trilogy all in one go- long but such a page turner that you are actually disappointed when it ends and want that little bit more. I can see why they keep on coming back to Dublin with the vibe there- they actually seemed reluctant to leave the stage and the crowd would have happily listened to them for another few hours.

There have been other groups over the last week that I have enjoyed more but gig-wise this is probably the most enjoyable so far this year- everything aligned perfectly between the music, banter and downright humour of the band members. They are really just a big family on stage that are so comfortable with each other that it feels like you are a member of it as well; and the ethos that the band has is excellent.

Great to see so many friends at it- couldn’t turn around without bumping into somebody! Look forward to seeming them the next time they are in town…and it seems they never stay away too long!


  1. Great great gig. I feel I’ve restored my honorary Canadian status somewhat now.

  2. Hey Catherine- thanks for mentioning The Happiness Project on your post- class stuff as well! Yeah Canuck status is a good thing:-) My Yank accent is too strong after so many nights out to be mistaken as Canadian but the Irish one is slowly returning!

  3. Top gig. Would liked to have gone to see Sunset Rubdown last night also, but BSS are just one of my favourite bands and I hate turning down opportunities to see them play (as I have had to do on a couple of occassions already).

  4. Hey Longman- can see why they are one of your favs! Aye a couple of things on later as well but just couldnt do it…the end of such a hectic gig week and an Tuesday night to boot!

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