Obscure Sound

May 30, 2008

As a blogger with not much time and fairly un-eloquent language when describing music/gigs, I love when I come across music blogs that are well written and have some excellent music content.

To go along with the already great sites of Nialler9 and GraveyardshiftShane I have recently come across another two Irish bloggers who have some great posts about music and gigs. So head on over to No Ordinary Fool and Hardcore For Nerds when you have a few minutes!

They really do have great content but the best new find over the last couple of months is from a post on Captain Obvious’s page:

Obscure Sound is simply a superb site and while I recognize a few of the groups there is such a plethora of new artists that I feel like I have overdosed over the last couple of days! Even a few pages into his archive and there are at least 8 groups that I will just have to get the album- I am nearly afraid to go back any further in case I am found asleep on the keyboard from pure exhaustion and the Obscure Sound banner branded into the monitor for eternity!  So if you have the time head on over to him but be warned that you will be there for more than just a few minutes.


  1. Thanks dude! Give youself a wee bit more credit though. 😉

  2. likewise, thanks! Unfortunately I’m about gigged out by now (er, until Future Days that is…)

  3. @Oz Ha- I know I am not the most evocative of writers- to use a car comparison I am a Peugeot to the Lamborghini’s out there…some good curves every now again but not standout and striking!

    @Gabba Yeah gigged out is exhausting…but the feeling never lasts very long and the music addict side has you itching to get out as soon as possible again! Going to miss most of Future Days unfortunately but hopefully I can get to Low…

    [EDIT]- BTW- thanks for the add to the blogroll guys!

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