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Je suis tres gros!

June 26, 2008

Am back from sun-filled France and egads it turned into an eating holiday! The friends husband is being posted to Djibouti with the Air Force so there were lots of visits with both sides of the family for lunch. Lunch in those parts starts around noon and ends just before dinner!! Lots of Ricard, wine, and name-ur-poison consumed along with tons of some of the best beef ever! Oh did I mention that when dinner came around that most were eaten outside since the weather was so fabulous? While it was lashing in Dublin the weather there was just gorgeous although there were a few moments where I wish there was some air conditioning about!

The god-daughter is coming along in leaps and bounds as well and is as cute as a button- she will be 2 shortly and is talking quite a bit and even saying words like stethoscope- think the terrible two’s are going to be fun indeed!

The downside of the holiday (besides coming back) was French radio- I thought that Europe 2 use to be a decent station…maybe its just nostalgia but since Virgin took it over there seems to be such a repeat of old music that I seriously felt like ripping the radio out of the car on occasion. As much as I like Jeff Buckley’s Hallelujah if I hear it again in the next year it will be soon enough. Seriously, I don’t know if it has been re-released but playing it twice every hour is a bit much and one of the reasons why I do not listen to ANY mainstream radio stations (Go Phantom!) Surprisingly though I heard Tunng on Virgin- the brilliant song Bullets which seems to be a hit there! Most of the music on Virgin was in English which is a good thing really- France may be known for its food and wine but there is a reason they are not known for their music!

So back to the wet cold Dublin but to the warm embrace of the girlfriend which is always a help:-) Still have lots to catch up on here which I hope to do over the weekend- somehow I don’t think I will be out sunning myself with the bbq out the back!



June 16, 2008

Will be away in France for the next week and a bit so normal business will resume on my return. Not that it has really been normal business around here for a while…still lots in the drafts but just no time to finish them off!


Portishead- Third

June 14, 2008

Have been listening to Portishead‘s Third for a while now and with a group taking 10 years to release a new album it would be difficult to judge it on anything but its own merits.  There are quite a few excellent songs on here and for the most part they are well placed and the album as a whole is fairly cohesive- however it is far from perfect and I am surprised that some tracks actually made it on here.

The album starts with the decent tune Silence which has a moderate beat but quickly takes a downturn with the next two songs Hunter and Nylon Smile.   The Rip definitely takes it up a notch though- quite a cracking track but followed by the only moderately good Plastic.  We Carry On follows and this is the absolute stormer on the album- this tune actually put a bounce in my step the first time I heard it and is definitely the standout track and one that I have had repeating quite a bit.  I suppose that it’s difficult to follow such a great track with anything…but Deep Water?  This is really a WTF? moment if I have ever heard one…a ukulele…really…just why?  Straight back on track though with another storming track Machine Gun with excellent driving rhythmic beats- great song and the first single released but the video is less than inspiring.  The last three tracks Small, Magic Doors and Threads are very solid songs which gives a good rounding off to the album.   So overall a good album with some excellent tunes that will keep me going for a while to come.

We Carry On


Long Ago And Far Away

June 11, 2008

Egads I have not been able to blog much over the last month! Between having a new girlfriend who rather gloriously takes up my time and other family issues I have been putting more half written posts into the drafts folder than I am publishing! So there will be a lot of gig and film posts that actually happened over a month ago- putting them out more for my own memory than anybody else’s benefit!


Sigur Rós- Live Stream of Með Suð í Eyrum Við Spilum Endalaust

June 9, 2008

Not much to add since I am only listening to it now!

Go to here to stream the whole album.

If you have MySpace, Facebook, Hi5 or anywhere you can save code have a look at the widget to embed it at your site. WordPress is not friendly for embedding- something I keep on meaning to have a look at but never have the time to do!

[EDIT] Just finished listening and there are some damn fine tunes…standout for me is Festival so if you dont have much time start there!


Carly Sings- Road Records Free In-store Performance

June 5, 2008

Tomorrow the 6th of June, the excellent Carly Sings is going to have a free in-store performance in Road Records for the release of her album The Glove Thief. Called in at lunch to double check the time and it should be kicking off at 1:15 so I hope to be there!

For those unfamiliar with her music check out the review by Sinead and head over to her MySpace page to listen to some of her tunes.

[EDIT]- Good perforance and thought her voice was actually a bit stronger and more confident than it is on the songs she has on MySpace. Some very good songs on the new album and she also played some new songs during the set- Brighton Beach being my favourite.

Eyes Closed– posting from work so hoping that this is decent enough.


Mr. Gnome

June 4, 2008

Came across Mr. Gnome on Obscure Music and they can be summed up in the first three words I uttered- My. Fucking. God! These guys not only rock but there is such a mix of genres that you really don’t want to know what to expect next. There are soaring vocals followed by frentic drumming and blaring guitars that is pure discordant delightfulness. While I think listening to music is always better than reading about it, this description pretty much nails it on the head:

There are so many things going on within one Mr. Gnome song, thrilling structural shifts, spontaneous-sounding sonic bursts, high-ceilinged vocals, air-tight, and artistic drum parts.

and that is in each and every song so imagine all the comparisons below in one tune!

Since their conception in 2005, the Cleveland duo has released two EPs, receiving wide-ranging and honorable comparisons to Massive Attack, PJ Harvey, Tool, Portishead, Cat Power, Pelican, Death From Above 1979, Bjork and Blonde Redhead.

Simply put Mr. Gnome is bloody brilliant and certainly infectious- the best way to understand of course is just listen to the music! You can stream their tunes from CdBaby but they’re only the first 2 mins of each track…long enough to get the vibe and to hook you in…so much so that when it stops before the end it is quite annoying! You can listen to three of the full tracks over at the review from Obscure Sound…have a read of their back story there as well- I don’t think you will have come across a better story on how band members met!

The best place to buy the tunes is from their official site– after enquiring the cost of shipping is included in the price (including Ireland!) so with the current exchange rate it works out quite well. They have their current album Deliver This Creature and two Ep’s, Echoes on the Ground and a self titled one- you can buy the Ep’s separately or as a double Ep. Should have them in the next few days so I can hear all the tracks in their full glory!

Not sure of the quality of the YouTube (yeah posting in work again!) but hopefully this will give you an idea-


The End Of Labhaoise Brennan

June 1, 2008

Well the group she is fronting rather…Labhaoise is staying rather healthy otherwise I hope!

Ran into Maria outside of Vicar Street after Broken Social Scene and she gave me the unfortunate news that Labhaoise, Len and herself would no longer be playing together. I wasn’t surprised to be honest since things have been very very quiet from them recently but it’s always a shame when talented people have to call it a day on a project. I know Len has a few things going on but hopefully Maria and Labhaoise will pick up on other projects and be back gigging soon!

Just for the memories…


SDHC…The Saga

June 1, 2008

I think this will be my first technical post here- for me that is the day job and that’s the way it usually stays.

However, getting my laptop to recognize the new SDHC cards has been a saga so am sticking this up to hopefully save some people a bit of hassle.

I bought a new 4gb SDHC card for the O2 Xda Exec that I was given and between that and the Thinkpad neither were able to recognize the card; I had expected that since both are a couple of years old. I knew there was a fix for the XDA Exec over at so I downloaded that and it works without any problem. In order to download the from the site you will need to join the forum which is a good idea anyway since they have quite a lot of good information and downloads on there. To get the phone to recognize the full size of the card though you will need to download Pocket Mechanic which is a very nifty tool- trial period of a month but inexpensive enough to buy.

[EDIT]- for an update with an 8gb card check here.

The Thinkpad Z60m has proved to be the sticky issue though- I downloaded the recently released Windows XP Service Pack 3 which I knew would have the updates for SDHC. However, even after that the laptop refused to recognize the SDHC card. So went to the Lenovo website which is sometimes decent enough for Thinkpad users…however on this occasion they didn’t have any information so had to go digging. This turned into truly an archaeology dig- there was no information out there at all with Google searches.  So finally armed with the fact that the card reader for the Thinkpads were manufactured by Ricoh I came across who thankfully had all of the information that I needed. The link is for the Dell Vostro so I backed up the old drivers to be on the safe side (as everybody should do!) and the new ones worked without a hitch.

So for Thinkpad users- download the new service pack be it XP/Vista with Windows Update and then follow the install directions from Antifart. BEFORE you do that make sure you do a system backup and backup the drivers as well!! This is something that cannot be emphasised enough since it is the one time that you forget to backup that something will go wrong and bite you in the ass!


How’s your Wang?

June 1, 2008

Came across this on SwedespleaseMelodija which is pure computer game sounding bleeps and blongs and has a nice electric sweetness to it. Well maybe to people that grew up with video games in the 70’s and early 80’s maybe! You can download the full album for free from Wang Electronics…not many people probably remember Wang Computers but they were relatively decent although with an unfortunate connotation!

Shoplifting At The Mall (Live)