SDHC…The Saga

June 1, 2008

I think this will be my first technical post here- for me that is the day job and that’s the way it usually stays.

However, getting my laptop to recognize the new SDHC cards has been a saga so am sticking this up to hopefully save some people a bit of hassle.

I bought a new 4gb SDHC card for the O2 Xda Exec that I was given and between that and the Thinkpad neither were able to recognize the card; I had expected that since both are a couple of years old. I knew there was a fix for the XDA Exec over at xda-developers.com so I downloaded that and it works without any problem. In order to download the SDHC.cab from the site you will need to join the forum which is a good idea anyway since they have quite a lot of good information and downloads on there. To get the phone to recognize the full size of the card though you will need to download Pocket Mechanic which is a very nifty tool- trial period of a month but inexpensive enough to buy.

[EDIT]- for an update with an 8gb card check here.

The Thinkpad Z60m has proved to be the sticky issue though- I downloaded the recently released Windows XP Service Pack 3 which I knew would have the updates for SDHC. However, even after that the laptop refused to recognize the SDHC card. So went to the Lenovo website which is sometimes decent enough for Thinkpad users…however on this occasion they didn’t have any information so had to go digging. This turned into truly an archaeology dig- there was no information out there at all with Google searches.  So finally armed with the fact that the card reader for the Thinkpads were manufactured by Ricoh I came across Antifart.com who thankfully had all of the information that I needed. The link is for the Dell Vostro so I backed up the old drivers to be on the safe side (as everybody should do!) and the new ones worked without a hitch.

So for Thinkpad users- download the new service pack be it XP/Vista with Windows Update and then follow the install directions from Antifart. BEFORE you do that make sure you do a system backup and backup the drivers as well!! This is something that cannot be emphasised enough since it is the one time that you forget to backup that something will go wrong and bite you in the ass!



  1. Worked perfectly on my ThinkPad Z60m! Thanks! 🙂

  2. Also have a Z60m and this recivered from an ‘update’. A wonderful quickfix and well documented.
    Thanks much

    • Glad it worked for you guys- now also have an 8gb card which thankfully doesn’t need any further fix on the laptop…the Xda Exec is a different story though and will edit the above with the info.

  3. […] Silence Is Wild SDHC- The Saga Continues January 2, 2009 Just an update on the previous techie post on using SDHC memory cards on the Thinkpad Z60M laptop (running XP) and the O2 XDA or HTC Universal […]

  4. Hello and a big thank you for that hint.

    I can now access my 4 GB SDHC Card which was not working before the new SD Host Controller driver as described in antifarts Blog.


  5. It works! It works! It works!
    Thank you!:)

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