Mr. Gnome

June 4, 2008

Came across Mr. Gnome on Obscure Music and they can be summed up in the first three words I uttered- My. Fucking. God! These guys not only rock but there is such a mix of genres that you really don’t want to know what to expect next. There are soaring vocals followed by frentic drumming and blaring guitars that is pure discordant delightfulness. While I think listening to music is always better than reading about it, this description pretty much nails it on the head:

There are so many things going on within one Mr. Gnome song, thrilling structural shifts, spontaneous-sounding sonic bursts, high-ceilinged vocals, air-tight, and artistic drum parts.

and that is in each and every song so imagine all the comparisons below in one tune!

Since their conception in 2005, the Cleveland duo has released two EPs, receiving wide-ranging and honorable comparisons to Massive Attack, PJ Harvey, Tool, Portishead, Cat Power, Pelican, Death From Above 1979, Bjork and Blonde Redhead.

Simply put Mr. Gnome is bloody brilliant and certainly infectious- the best way to understand of course is just listen to the music! You can stream their tunes from CdBaby but they’re only the first 2 mins of each track…long enough to get the vibe and to hook you in…so much so that when it stops before the end it is quite annoying! You can listen to three of the full tracks over at the review from Obscure Sound…have a read of their back story there as well- I don’t think you will have come across a better story on how band members met!

The best place to buy the tunes is from their official site– after enquiring the cost of shipping is included in the price (including Ireland!) so with the current exchange rate it works out quite well. They have their current album Deliver This Creature and two Ep’s, Echoes on the Ground and a self titled one- you can buy the Ep’s separately or as a double Ep. Should have them in the next few days so I can hear all the tracks in their full glory!

Not sure of the quality of the YouTube (yeah posting in work again!) but hopefully this will give you an idea-


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