Long Ago And Far Away

June 11, 2008

Egads I have not been able to blog much over the last month! Between having a new girlfriend who rather gloriously takes up my time and other family issues I have been putting more half written posts into the drafts folder than I am publishing! So there will be a lot of gig and film posts that actually happened over a month ago- putting them out more for my own memory than anybody else’s benefit!



  1. Just get the girlfriend to type while you dictate dude!

    To be honest, all of my reviews are essentially for the benefit of my wonky memory. I am selfish like that!

  2. Ha-don’t think she would quite go along with that one! It’s the two boys that are taking up the majority of my time recently though and I certainly won’t let them near it since it would all be PS2 talk!

    Aye best to be selfish if it helps you remember the small bits!

  3. Hey, you should set a private blog up for your kids to record stuff they like from their childhood. I have one for Sar for a few years though we haven’t used it of late, your PS2 comments jogged a reminder 🙂

    Hope France is all loved up!


  4. Hey Nay-excellent idea! I would cringe at what they would write but it would be a good idea so they can look back on it in a few years time…and cringe themselves!

    France was great as well- lots and lots of sun + no kids = BLISS!

  5. I’m so behind. Look at you! Lots has changed since you started this thing. I think it was actually around the time that I did! I am finally getting time to catch up and check in on friends and I’m happy to see you are doing so well! Glad to see you are still reviewing great music for me to check! Thanks!

  6. Hey K! Yeah a few things have changed alright but its coming full circle already unfortunately- the fun of trying to have a relationship when kids are involved!
    As to music, I think I have overdosed…so much more to write about if I can find the time!! Good to see you back:-)

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