Portishead- Third

June 14, 2008

Have been listening to Portishead‘s Third for a while now and with a group taking 10 years to release a new album it would be difficult to judge it on anything but its own merits.  There are quite a few excellent songs on here and for the most part they are well placed and the album as a whole is fairly cohesive- however it is far from perfect and I am surprised that some tracks actually made it on here.

The album starts with the decent tune Silence which has a moderate beat but quickly takes a downturn with the next two songs Hunter and Nylon Smile.   The Rip definitely takes it up a notch though- quite a cracking track but followed by the only moderately good Plastic.  We Carry On follows and this is the absolute stormer on the album- this tune actually put a bounce in my step the first time I heard it and is definitely the standout track and one that I have had repeating quite a bit.  I suppose that it’s difficult to follow such a great track with anything…but Deep Water?  This is really a WTF? moment if I have ever heard one…a ukulele…really…just why?  Straight back on track though with another storming track Machine Gun with excellent driving rhythmic beats- great song and the first single released but the video is less than inspiring.  The last three tracks Small, Magic Doors and Threads are very solid songs which gives a good rounding off to the album.   So overall a good album with some excellent tunes that will keep me going for a while to come.

We Carry On


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