Je suis tres gros!

June 26, 2008

Am back from sun-filled France and egads it turned into an eating holiday! The friends husband is being posted to Djibouti with the Air Force so there were lots of visits with both sides of the family for lunch. Lunch in those parts starts around noon and ends just before dinner!! Lots of Ricard, wine, and name-ur-poison consumed along with tons of some of the best beef ever! Oh did I mention that when dinner came around that most were eaten outside since the weather was so fabulous? While it was lashing in Dublin the weather there was just gorgeous although there were a few moments where I wish there was some air conditioning about!

The god-daughter is coming along in leaps and bounds as well and is as cute as a button- she will be 2 shortly and is talking quite a bit and even saying words like stethoscope- think the terrible two’s are going to be fun indeed!

The downside of the holiday (besides coming back) was French radio- I thought that Europe 2 use to be a decent station…maybe its just nostalgia but since Virgin took it over there seems to be such a repeat of old music that I seriously felt like ripping the radio out of the car on occasion. As much as I like Jeff Buckley’s Hallelujah if I hear it again in the next year it will be soon enough. Seriously, I don’t know if it has been re-released but playing it twice every hour is a bit much and one of the reasons why I do not listen to ANY mainstream radio stations (Go Phantom!) Surprisingly though I heard Tunng on Virgin- the brilliant song Bullets which seems to be a hit there! Most of the music on Virgin was in English which is a good thing really- France may be known for its food and wine but there is a reason they are not known for their music!

So back to the wet cold Dublin but to the warm embrace of the girlfriend which is always a help:-) Still have lots to catch up on here which I hope to do over the weekend- somehow I don’t think I will be out sunning myself with the bbq out the back!



  1. French radio! That takes me back. Used to listen to NRG when I lived there. Was mostly ghastly French hip-hop and the likes! Think they have a rule requiring a minimum amount of local music per hour. Not a good idea.

    If iPods are good for anything, then its avoiding europop when abroad! 🙂

  2. Hey Longman- yeah knew the stations had to play a percentage- just had a quick look and it said 40% which seems a bit high when Hallelujah would have taken up at least 50%!!

    Aye- anything to block europop is good….was nearly looking for an ice pick;-) The only saving grace this trip is that they didn’t have any of their reality singing programs on the telly as well!

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