Angus and Julia Stone- Sugar Club May 08

July 1, 2008

Another one for the Better Late Than Never category!

In the Sugar Club which I have to say is the best place for them- have been waiting since last year to see them again and the wait was well worth it with all the material from their new album!

Jenny Lindfors opened and its the first time I have heard her inside (EP last year). She does have a good voice but I find that it is just a register too high for me and just doesn’t catch me in as some of the other female artists that I listen to. She has some great tunes though and Make It Warm was stupendous…her description of how she wrote it because of a pricktease quite helped with the back story! Blazing Suns was quite simply stunning and miraculously for a support act the crowd was silent! That didn’t last of course and the rest of the set was pretty much a fight between her and the noise of the crowd.

Angus and Julia Stone then came on- while they have stupendous singing voices I forgot how quiet they are talking and you really have to concentrate in order to hear them. As a brother/sister act they really do have voices that compliment each other and I just love how they sound together.

They played all of the tracks that I love from A Book Like This along with quiet a few from their older EP’s. The only distracting bit for me was Julia’s dancing during some of the songs- eclectic would be a kind word for it and the girl next to me thought it was hilarious…in a good way since she seemed to be a fan and I took the mimicking as a slight form of endearment. The crowd were again a bit noisy for some of the quieter songs and would only hush when the drummer started- just a tad on the annoying side. As a whole though this gig had everything- intimate and the perfect sound with an excellent vibe!

1 Mango Tree

2 Hollywood

3 Paper Aeroplane

4 New one written for a friends Greek wedding

5 Bella

6 Private Lawns

7 Beast

8 Horse and Cart

9 New one For You?

10 Soldier

11 Wasted- jam

12 Wasted- album

13 Just a Boy

14 Here We Go Again? Silver coin? Arghh the memory again!


15 Sadder Than You

16 These Minds Have Walls

17 A Book Like This


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  1. […] the UK and Europe from the 12th of April for a month so hopefully they will get to Dublin- their 2008 show in the Sugar Club was spectacular so another visit is always […]

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