Dark Room Notes- Button Factory May 08

July 1, 2008

So late getting this up- so a new category Better Late Than Never!

The gig was in my favourite venue at the moment- The Button Factory can be quite an different place depending on the group…and just as well since this was a very very intimate gig!

Star Turtle came on first and while they didn’t have an audience to play off of they have some good solid songs- nothing innovative but fairly decent.

Then came a group who’s name I embarrassingly cannot remember CTA, CJA??   I will have to ask Darragh from DRN when I see him later in the week- this is what happens when Word crashes on your new technogadget!  They had a good sound though with a kind of post/surf rock vibe- some good tunes as well (Empty Pockets?) and both the bassist and the lead female have good voices.  Ended with a real rocking number….will give them link-love when I have their name!

Dark Room Notes then came on and they were as fabulous as ever!  Some great new tracks and I really love the new ambient tunes that they have been doing.  They had their old favourites there as well with Love Like Nicotine and Shake Shake My Ceiling and Lets Light Fires which really grabs your attention.  There were also some new tracks called Treetops and Arms that have an excellent vibe.  During the gig they had some great visuals with an old black and white silent film playing in the background-something of the monster variety (and will have to ask Darragh the name for that as well!) but it certainly adds to the atmosphere and to their songs as well.

I ran into Darragh a couple of weeks after the gig and they will be recording their album shortly- a lot of the new tunes that I heard have been changed already so it looks like the album is going to a surprise!  From DRN this can only be a good thing and I can’t wait to catch them at Electric Picnic which they have now confirmed they will be at.

At one point they had some free downloads from their MySpace site- not sure if that is still active but head along there anyway for a look!



  1. I really like the Love Like Nicotine single, so I’ll be looking out for a new album. And ‘Shake Shake My Ceiling’, for that matter.

  2. Good singles alright- they will be recording the album in August in the UK so not sure exactly when it will be out. Would say the set at EP will have all of the new tunes:-)

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