Yeasayer- Whelans May 08

July 1, 2008

Yep- Better Late Than Never category again!

This being Dublin I ran into other guys from other bands- both from Dark Room Notes– Ruairi in The Long Haul on the way up and then Ronan in Whelans.  Note to self- I shouldn’t talk to people when I have a bloody migraine coming on and I come across like a gibbering fool!

Anyhoo- the gig!

Crayonsmith opened and he had some good tunes- Go To Road was a memorable one.  The first time I had seen him live and he does a great job on stage with mixing- however the last tune was just a bit on the messy side as if he was trying to fit too much in.  Quite good and hope to see him around soon.

Yeasayer were bloody brilliant! All songs thankfully longer than album version and they mixed some other ambient sounds at the beginning of some of the tunes.  The use of syncopated beats and silence really added to their music and the vibe was quite fantastic.  The jerky motions from the lead singer surpisingly fit in to the live show- they look a bit epileptic on the YouTubes so was good to see they enhanced rather than detracted from the performance.  Overall there was a great buzz which always helps…and a good ‘Irish’ story about relations in Ireland and having somebody’s ashes spread about Newgrange!  I will have to remember to tell the boys that one when we visit there in a few weeks!

Think this was the set list…no encores but then again they probably don’t have much other material!

1 Waves

2 Germs

3 Ah weir

4 No Need To Worry

5 2080

6 forgiven

7 wait for the summer

8 Worms

9 Wait For The Wintertime

10 Sunrise


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  1. […] him with the guitarist and keyboard player…from memory the last time I had seen him support Yeasayer he was playing solo.   He does really have a great dark electric vibe for most of his older tunes […]

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