Bon Iver- The Verdict

July 3, 2008

I know that everybody in the blogosphere seems to love Bon Iver but I really can’t get into his album For Emma, Forever Ago. I am surprised really since I usually love male singer songwriters with a falsetto voice- Loney, Dear and The Antlers being artists I have come across over the last year that I absolutely love (Findo Gask as well but definitely not singer songwriter types).

Vernon’s voice just seems too forced on the majority of the songs and it is only the on the more subtle tracks that I can really enjoy his vocals. So after a few listens to the album Blindsided and Re Stacks were the highlights for me and while some of the other tracks are good it is not an album I will be putting on too often. Saying that, I have heard only good things about his live performance so I will try to catch him when he is back in town.


Posting from work so will have to check that YouTube later- hopefully good enough quality!


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  1. […] Compilation By mp3hugger Bon Iver- Daytrotter July 22, 2008 Having given my verdict here of Bon Iver’s album- the only tunes I liked where when Justin Vernon’s voice was subtle […]

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