A Tale of Two Nords

July 8, 2008

Recently listened to the albums from two different female artists hailing from the Nordic reaches that are memorable in different ways…

Lykke Li – Youth Novel (Sweden)

There is certainly something here and she does have a good voice- good enough to lure me in but there is something about the album that just doesn’t sit right with me. Quite a few of her songs have some catchy rhythms- Dance, Dance, Dance, I’m Good, I’m Gone and Little Bit are good with the standout track being Hanging High. However there are quite a few tracks that I simply do not like with her cockney-fied pronunciations and with the overproduction I was left wondering if there was actually a band involved or just a machine.

Overall it was a good album but I don’t think it helps when you see the videos and there is just a tad too much brassiness there. I think she would be far better if that was toned down to just sassy. That said- I have only heard good reviews about her gig in the Sugar Club so maybe she comes across differently live.

Ane Brun – Changing of the Seasons (Norwegian)

My God- what a voice! She makes you sit up and take notice from the very first moment she opens her mouth! Some tracks are quite stripped down and to have her voice float out of nowhere is really an enthralling experience. There are quite a few different styles of songs on here but the main thing is that there is not one filler- definitely more than a couple standouts for me since The Treehouse Song, The Fall, The Puzzle, Changing of the Seasons and Raise My head are my favourites that I return to again and again.

This is just one album you have to listen to and savour to the end. While I am not regretting seeing Yeasayer the night she was in town- I really wish there hadnt been a conflict now and I hope that she returns here soon.

Just a couple of YouTubes- not many out there for Ane Brun and probably the best one for Lykke Li.

Ane Brun- The Treehouse Song

Ane Brun- The Puzzle

Lykke Li- Little Bit


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