The Spook Of The Thirteenth Lock- Upstairs at Whelans July 08

July 8, 2008

Who would have thought I would have ended up here- a banjo and trad music? Usually two elements that would keep me far far away but there is something about The Spook of the Thirteenth Lock that is so much more- trad is certainly a highlight but it’s the post rock element that keeps the attention. I only had a chance to listen to a couple of their tunes on MySpace before running out the door so I really didn’t know what to expect gig wise- have to say that these guys are really great. The sonorous voice of the lead singer gave me a kind of Crash Test Dummies vibe and while there are inevitable comparisons to Horslips with a couple of their tracks- these guys know how to rock! At one stage they played at least 3 if not 4 of their songs in a row and they really know how to keep the vibe going. The standouts for me were The Hare, In Country Dark and the encore Pimlico.

I have to note that the drummer is good but he is going to have to do something about his expressions while drumming on the slower tracks- sometimes laugh out loud looks but sometimes just inane so he does take away from the music just a tad.

Good crowd for them and had some of the band members family there as well (as you do in the smaller ones to make sure somebody is there!)- the mother of one of them was in front of me and she was really rocking to them which was good to see! Upstairs at Whelans is a bit of a disaster though- really guys- with the whole refit you could have taken down a couple of those walls or at least widened the bottleneck! It didn’t help that the best place to stand is right in the middle of the bottleneck which was leaking water from somewhere so it would have been a rather soggy experience if they stayed there for the whole set.

So altogether a good gig- some great tunes and a good vibe. Not sure if these guys will make it to bigger venues given the type of music they play but it was an enjoyable show so it’s worth the effort to get to them. They had their cd on sale at the gig if you can’t find it anywhere else- some good artwork as well and can be found here.

A couple of YouTubes below just for a feel…

Balcony TV- In Country Dark- decent enough except for all the rambling at the beginning

The Lords Prayer- fan one that is very very dark but sound is ok



  1. I really like this band, trad with experimental rock tendancies without all the annoyances that usually throws up. The album is great too.

  2. Hey hugger- pleasantly surprised so hopefully some better things to come from them!
    Came across you on LastFm as well so sent you a friend yokimabob there!

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