Noah And The Whale- Peaceful, The World Lays Me Down

July 14, 2008

Wow-what a great album from Noah and the Whale!

This album has been constantly going through my head since I downloaded it last week and there are some absolute crackers. There are about 5 standout tracks which for an album is quite good- it kicks off with 2 Atoms In A Molecule which is so boppy you foot just gets a mind of its own. Followed then by Jocasta which is another great upbeat number and then for the triumvirate Shape Of My Heart which has various instruments and definitely a mariachi feel (which can be seen in the YouTube below).

Then the tunes go a bit on the slow side and while good they just dont hit the mark for me. It’s only with 5 Years time that they seem to get their boppiness back and this ones getting a lot of airplay with it being their first single- have to admit it gets the foot moving everytime I hear it. Rocks and Daggers then is the last standout one for me- not quite as toe tapping as the other standouts but there is a lovely quality to it and some great beats which remind me quite a bit of Loney, Dear who I have had to break out again.

So the album is definitely worth listening to (especially with the free download which is still available from Vertigo -DRM and will time out after two weeks) and one to look out for when it is released on the 11th of August- you can preorder from their official site.

Only two official videos so far but hopefully more in the pipeline…

5 Years Time

Shape of My Heart


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