Indiecater- A Compilation By mp3hugger

July 20, 2008

Indiecater is an idea by the excellent music blogger mp3hugger…10 tracks from relatively unknown groups that he thinks deserve more attention. Mp3hugger is one blogger whose opinion I would trust when it comes to music- how many other music bloggers have had a song written about them? Not many I would imagine!

This is certainly one compilation that hugs you back- from the very outset you are wrapped in a warm embrace that stays with you long after the last notes have faded. In fact I have always thought that a good compilation is like sex and by god this one proves that point- the foreplay, the action and the sated yet yearning for more feeling at the end. God give me a cigarette now!

Well worth the €4.50…this will last longer with you than a pint and cheaper at that. So click here and get it now! Now- if we could only get all of these groups to play in Dublin!

Just some quick thoughts on the tunes themselves…

It’s Alright- Burning Codes– damn good falsettos

Astronaut- Slushco– great beats and vibe- quite complex actually but sounds sweet

Rockfield Symphony- Storkboy Choons– dance, great ambient feel and gets the body moving…not one to play in work!

Cockroaches- The E.L.F. – excellent vibe- is that a Yothi Yindi sample?

Packed the Car- Foreign Slippers– damn nice female vocals

You Remind Me of Me- Beaten Awake– sublime voices

Untitled- Call To Mind– dreamy and ambient

We’ve Been Waiting For You- Empty Rooms– shiny vibe, great drums and vocals

Share- Cymbals Eats Guitar– slow, bit of lo-fi snarl with the feedback

Dumbshow (Directors Cut)- Michael Knight– great way to end compilation- simple ahhhhs but such delightful instrumentation and woven harmonies…oh dear god a cello all the way through but at the end with violins….ahhhh indeed! Probably the most played by me- reminds me of Loney, Dear with build up of instruments and Efterklang feel overall. Have their full cd now!


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  1. […] As with the last one the running order is nicely done- not as ecstatically happy as I was with the last one but I think that is down to knowing some of the tunes in the running order on the original cds and […]

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