The Antlers- In The Attic Of The Universe

July 20, 2008

I can’t quite remember where I first came across The Antlers– possibly in the blogosphere over at No Ordinary Fool but with looking at so many music sites I just cant remember exactly where!

Peter Silberman is the name behind the moniker and he has quite a sublime voice- sometimes slightly overpowered by the music but it always manages to shine through and is just captivating.  The album, In The Attic Of The Universe, is just excellent and seems more akin to a classical composition with the theme that is introduced in the first track In The Attic being reprised in other tracks.  As with any composition though, there are pieces which you find more exciting but you have to give it a full listen in order to have a full appreciation.

The album does kick off with an unusual intro for In The Attic but when it kicks in it is quite good and then Look! continues on the theme with a lovely crescendo.   The Universe Is Going To Catch You is a brilliant pick up after two slower tracks and really shows the strength of his voice.  A great ending as well with Stairs To The Attic which just leaves you with a satisfied feeling and a smile on your face.

There aren’t any YouTubes to tack on for a quick view but there are links on his official page so you can download the Cold War EP and the New York Hospitals EP’s for free.

Just as a note they had this on a MySpace bulletin….so another album to look forward to!

You’ll notice we’ve got nothing scheduled for the future as of now. We’ve got some restructuring to do for future shows as we’re going to start operating as a 3 piece, and many new songs to start learning. The new album is done but there’s much work left to do. There is a tour in the works. Many, many, many things in the near future, so hold tight.




  1. Here’s a vid link dude – http://www.veoh.com/videos/v15189979g7mm43bC

  2. Cool- thanks Longman- saw that from their MySpace bulletin but had to turn it off halfway through with all the adds that were being thrown up on that bloody Veoh player!

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