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Electric Picnic 2008 Running Order

August 28, 2008

Finally some reliable information! Via Jim– Quint has the info here.

The official details will be at the Electric Picnic site which has some running orders already with the rest listed as coming soon. Check out their doc section as well for all the maps.

Just for the tickle look at Jim’s 10 reasons why the Electric Picnic timetable is not yet on their website.

Now does anybody have some time on their hands to put this in Excel?? Thanks.

[Edit] Just checked and Loloray has been burning the midnight oil- details from Analogue that were put into an Excel sheet with some other info. Would double check it against the official one when it comes out just to be on the safe side.

[Yet another Edit] has a nifty calculator for scheduling your gig times which can then be printed and sent as a  text to you so check it out!  I may have too many conflicts for that to work properly for me though!


Back In A Bit…

August 23, 2008

I am currently enjoying the delights of Our Lady’s Hospital since the youngest has pneumonia…low level stuff thankfully especially with his previous history with MRSA.  So sleeping it rough next to his bed and having bad coffee…perfect practice for Electric Picnic next weekend though!  At least then I will have the vodka to help me through it all;-)

Did manage to get to The Cave Singers gig on Wed before all the fun started so will post that soon.  Go to their MySpace page and check out some of the tunes if you haven’t heard of them- some damn good tunes there!


Mr. Gnome- Night Of The Crickets Video

August 21, 2008

Excellent new video from one of the best tunes off of Mr. Gnomes album Deliver This Creature

Night Of The Crickets


Electric Picnic 2008 Sitemap

August 20, 2008

[New Edit] Anybody hitting here for EP 2009- the maps are here.

[Edit] Check the running list post.

Via– a sitemap for Electric Picnic 2008 and the Campsite map is here. Hopefully an artists guide will leak at some stage soon for full times and maps. Somebody has also set up a weather sticky to keep track of the weather coming up to the weekend.

Click on the pic for a bigger shot.

[Edit] Click here for a printer friendly version with a white background and unofficial times listing here.


What Laura Says Thinks And Feels

August 19, 2008

Oh the names of some of the bands these days…not even sure if there should be a hyphen in the title above since it appears that What Laura Says Thinks and Feels is now called What Laura Says and the name of their re-released album is Thinks and Feels. Even their label Terpsikhore doesn’t appear to know since they are still calling them by their original name in part of their page!

Anyway- down to the music. They do have some good tunes- there are some lovely harmonies and melodies on Dot Dot Dot, One Thousand Faces and especially Pairadice which is the standout one for me. Quite a few of the tracks are just a bit too bluesy though for my liking but still worth checking out the others for the type of folktronica that they do.

You can download the track Pairadice from RcrdLbl or you can stream the first couple of minutes of some of the tunes over at CdBaby or the first few seconds of all the tunes at Amazon where you can buy it as well. Unfortunately CdBaby is out of stock which is a shame since they are one of the few that will ship internationally.

Just a taster from a live performance-

Couldn’t Lose Myself If I Tried and Wish I Could Fly

h1 And The Addictive Problem Of Similar Artists

August 18, 2008

I have only recently started using…as with most things I sign up to stuff then need the nudge to actually start using it.  I have to say it is one of the better sites out there for finding independent/obscure artists and their ‘Similar Artists’ links can sometimes be right on the button- and herein lies the problem!   I have always been one to follow links…which is why I nearly time myself when I go into Imdb since it could easily be a few hours before I come out of that site.

I recently checked out some of the similar artists to the fabulous Ane Brun…a click brought me to Anna Ternheim…one more for Hello Saferide…at which stage I don’t which way I clicked but all of a sudden I was inundated with some other great artists:  Stina Nordenstam, Emiliana Torrini, El Perro Del Mar, Anja Garabek, Frida Hyvönen and Britta Persson.

There was actually a lot more clicking going on since I have only listed the ones I liked…quite a few more that weren’t but you don’t know until you check them out!  (Will post on some of them when I get the time)  Clicking on the Recommended link can also bring the clicking addiction on but thankfully whenever I do click there I have heard of most of the groups so I don’t spend too long there.

The scrobbling feature on LastFm is quite nifty as well since you can set up a plugin to let the site know what you have been playing and display it for all and sundry to see.  Unfortunately this only shows what I have been listening to on the laptop in Windows Media Player and not what I have been streaming from blogs/MySpace/YouTube,  the tunes from the Mp3 player or the computer in work, and lastly the outdated  technology of the hi-fi!  So just to get my RSI screaming at me- you can follow the links of what your friends have been listening to and if you click on the ‘Neighbors’ link you can find other users with similar musical tastes and see what they have been listening to as well!

I do have a few techie quibles with I can never seem to stream the music from the online players for the artist, any emails over whatever specified buffer will auto-reply without you typing anything, and the scrobbler sometimes has problems connecting with the site.

However the whole premise of the site in all its clickified glory is a great tool in finding new music and finding other people with similar tastes.  So get clicking!


Zeigeist- The Jade Motel

August 17, 2008

Wow- what delicious electro-pop! You can nearly use the ‘from the guys that brought you’ tag since Zeigeist are so similar to The Knife for quite a few of their tunes- not that it is a problem since they do a damn good job! They have all the catchy beats and rhythms without as much darkness- Tar Heart, The Lake and Dawn//Night certainly have the vibe down and are probably the stronger tracks as a result.

Some great videos as well- the group is quite visual and appear more performance orientated in how they express their music. Should be interesting to see them live…and hopefully I will when they come to The Pod on November 15th!


The Lake

Wrecked Metal


Addicting Games

August 17, 2008

Damn well does what it says- Addicting Games
Never, ever listen to your children when they tell you about a cool game!
Firing ragdolls from a cannon? Ohhh yeah!!


Now this is just insidious…you get to the end of one game and what does it offer you?

Click and play with 5 extra levels…you just know that I did!


Priscilla Ahn

August 15, 2008

Came across Priscilla Ahn on the excellent La Blogotheque‘s Take-Away Shows.  She has an excellent voice- simple, clear, direct and manages to effortlessly hook you in.

There are four videos that you can view or download- Dream is an acoustic version and is simply stunning- both in the sound and filming. Living In A Tree is from the same session and shows a bit more of the technical side- quite a bit of pedal work that really adds to the tunes. Are We Different and The Moon are two outdoor sessions that are quite good as well. Have a look at her official site as well for her blog- great when artists share and you can feel her enthusiasm in some of her posts…or if you watch the videos from her laugh!

Had a listen to the album A Good Day as well and there are some good tunes on there. Dream is superb- clear vocals which highlight the strength of her voice and nice string work with subtle drums. Wallflower and Red Cape are others that standout along with the last track A Good Day (Morning Song) which has some lovely sampling.

For the lazy fingers some YouTubes below…

Dream– Official and acoustic version- slightly shortened version of what is up on La Blogotheque

Dream– Fan take on the song- professionaly done and uses album version of song

Boob Song– humourous and good sound but video a bit shaky- story behind song quite good!


Irish Weather Humour

August 13, 2008

I was supposed to take the boys camping over the next few days but the usual dire weather has changed the plans slightly…I just have to laugh at how somebody in Met Éireann has written the 3 Day Outlook!
3 Day Outlook

The weather continues to remain very unsettled with no hope at all of any improvement for the rest of the the week or over the weekend. Most of the showers will die away tomorrow night and it will be fairly clear through the night-time. Friday will be one of the less wet days this week. There will be much fewer showers during Friday and during the first half of the day it may be nice and bright and sunny at times. Later on Friday cloud will increase and outbreaks of rain will begin to develop by evening. And then the rain will start to get very heavy once more. During Saturday another Atlantic depression will come close to Ireland. That will give more torrential rain, cloudbursts and downpours and lead on to more flooding. Even on Sunday the showers will be heavy and merge to longer spells of rain.

No wonder there are regular articles about suicide in this country!