Mr. Gnome- Deliver This Creature

August 5, 2008

Further on from this post– I have been listening to Mr. Gnome quite a bit…usually in the mornings to start my day off with a bang!

I gave their first two Ep’s a listen- the self-titled Mr. Gnome and Echoes on the Ground (re-released on 1 cd) and there are some good tunes there. However, it is only with their album Deliver This Creature that the sound has become more refined. The drumming seems tighter and more concise and there is a great ambient feel in most of the tracks- the headbanger energy is still there though!

The first three tracks are stunning- Pirates is a great opener then Rabbits with a slightly softer sound before Deliver This Creature ramps up the noise level again…and what delicious noise it is! Sometimes Nicole Barille’s voice is haunting and will lead you into a false sense of security until she belts out and jars you out of that comfort zone…accompanied by the excellent drumming of Sam Meister it is a great combination indeed! There are some other great tracks on here as well- some more metalish than others but each one a cracker- it’s not often that you get an album with no sleepers on it at all.

Am looking forward to their next album and hopefully they will make it to this side of the world for a gig! For the moment though- you can stream their tunes from CdBaby (cut off after two min mark) and go to their official site to get the cd’s!



  1. My name is Musa Okwonga, and I’m part of a five-piece band, Benin City; we are formed out of the poetry collective PiP (A Poem in between People), who have previously supported Dan Le Sac vs Scroobius Pip at several venues including the Scala and 93 Feet East. I was wondering if you would be free to attend a gig of ours, on Saturday 16 August; we’re playing at Xfm’s Remedy at the Social, alongside Josh Weller and Derek Meins.

    Benin City is relatively new as an outfit; we’re influenced by The Streets, The Roots, Outkast, Arctic Monkeys and Bjork, and are also generally in love with Gnarls Barkley and Metronomy. We consist of two poets/rappers, a drummer, a bassist and a saxophonist; we’ve recently played a two-track live session at the BBC, which you can hear here (www.myspace.com/wearebenincity) and on John Kennedy’s Xfm Xposure show. After the show, Mr. Kennedy posted the following review of our set: “Benin City mash up experience, fun and wisdom into a melting pot of afrobeat, hip hop and jazz that will make you laugh and cry while shaking your booty…Have dazzled as guests on my Xfm X-Posure show.” We were also interviewed recently by Q Magazine for their radio show.

    We’ve had some very promising reviews, and so I just wanted to put us on your radar. If you do have a spare moment, please do listen to our myspace site; the two tracks there, “Boogieman” and “The Flight” give a really good idea of the range of our work.

    Thanks for reading,

  2. Thanks for the info. Had a listen but not for me- best of luck though!

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