August 7, 2008

Ok- really late on this one…buried in the drafts and memory a bit dodgy now!


Wow!! I really don’t know where to start with this- the story, the amazing graphics or just the whole excellence of the film.

The story is quite good and is based on the life of the author of the original graphic novels- you can check out the official site or Imdb for the full background story.

While the story is an often harrowing account of Marjane Satrapi‘s life in Iran and Europe there is quite a bit of humour that eases the pain.  The cruelty of the different regimes is quite vivid but there are some laugh out loud moments in how she describes her life- when she changed from a girl to a woman in a few seconds, breaking up with the boyfriend and the cloaked painting session.

The animation is what really makes the film for me though- even though its mostly in black in white the detail is astounding!  There is such a multilayered effect and with the shades of gray it is truly captivating-  what looks so simple is so beautifully done that it is hard to turn your eyes away.

I had hoped to catch this film in the original French version but alas this was the English dubbed version.  Quite a few of the voice-actors were the same for both versions but the American accents for some of the characters were rather jarring and sounded out of place…was Iggy Pop really necessary?   A viewing of this in the original French version is a must for me in the future.

Just have a look at the YouTube for the trailer to get you hooked in- this is one film you do not want to miss!



  1. Had to re-read my own review to recall it, it was THAT long ago!!! Now you see why I write reviews – the memory of a sieve I have.

    It is a very good movie – exploring the coming of age of a young girl left isolated wherever she went – be it the oppressive regime of a religious totalitarian state or the secular Western world where she is made to be ashamed of her heritage.

    The growth that Marjane shows in the film is quite convincing and it is a touching warts-and-all recollection of her childhood and adolescence..

    I also liked how she managed to weave the polemic into the personal in her portrayal of those years. My only criticism was its tendency towards a potted history of events, but I do not think that it pretends to be anything other than that either.

    And yes, the accents were quite annoying. Have not reviewed it yet, but I recently saw City of Men, which is filmed in Portuguese. However, all of the names in the subtitles had been Americanised to the likes of Wallace and Clayton. It felt ridiculous!

  2. Yeah was in drafts for a long time…am writing more for the drafts folder these days though so I don’t forget things altogether!

    Remember they messed with the subtitles in La Haine as well for the Yanks- annoying indeed!

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