Irish Weather Humour

August 13, 2008

I was supposed to take the boys camping over the next few days but the usual dire weather has changed the plans slightly…I just have to laugh at how somebody in Met Éireann has written the 3 Day Outlook!
3 Day Outlook

The weather continues to remain very unsettled with no hope at all of any improvement for the rest of the the week or over the weekend. Most of the showers will die away tomorrow night and it will be fairly clear through the night-time. Friday will be one of the less wet days this week. There will be much fewer showers during Friday and during the first half of the day it may be nice and bright and sunny at times. Later on Friday cloud will increase and outbreaks of rain will begin to develop by evening. And then the rain will start to get very heavy once more. During Saturday another Atlantic depression will come close to Ireland. That will give more torrential rain, cloudbursts and downpours and lead on to more flooding. Even on Sunday the showers will be heavy and merge to longer spells of rain.

No wonder there are regular articles about suicide in this country!


One comment

  1. What kind of mind thinks like that??? You show me the “regular articles about suicide in this country” and i’ll show you double that number from usa , england etc. Irish folk dont top themselves over bad weather…you idiot.

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